Denplan for Children

We want to ensure the oral health of your children is maintained, which is why we believe regular preventive care is essential. Denplan arrange specialist dental plans for children which will help build their confidence when visiting us and encourage them to ask questions relating to their oral health. Paying a monthly fee for your child's care also helps you spread the cost.

We only register our child patients on Denplan for Children at the age of 5. Our "under 5’s" we are delighted to see free of charge until their 5th birthday.

During routine check-ups we will:

  • Look for evidence of decay
  • Discuss whether there are any areas of sensitivity or discomfort
  • Assess the stability of any previous restorative dental work
  • Examine for signs of gum disease and gingivitis
  • Discuss and advise on dental hygiene

On Denplan for Children we provide Sports Mouthguards at laboratory cost price only. (To be eligible for the sports injury insurance you must be wearing a sports mouthguard. This applies to adults and children).

We can also provide parental factsheets and children's activity sheets to help your child learn good dental habits in a fun way.

As part of Plans for Children, your child will also receive Supplementary Insurance. This valuable benefit includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency treatment.